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Scotland has a full and varied competition program throughout the year. With World Archery Stars, Rose status York, Herfords and Bristols and our own Scottish Thistle UKRS 1440 Rounds and Metrics, Flight, Clout and Papingo, we have very few free weekends in the season. We also enjoy tournament venues that rank alongside the best in the country.

Claiming Scottish Records

If you are a SAA member and you wish to claim a Scottish Record at any event, you need to make a claim at the tournament. Please see the Records Forms Page in the records section.

Booking the Danage Timing System

If you are a SAA Tournament Organiser and you wish to use the Danage Timing System you need to book it out in advance. Please read the Danage Protocol and use the Danage Booking Form (word) or Danage Booking Form (Pdf)

Tournament Calendars

Please note that future calendars are published for guidance and are always subject to possible change

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