Archery Awards and Schemes for Juniors

Generally for most awards there will be a badge specially for the junior archer. Once an archer shoots the full adult round they can attain and claim the adult badge. There are however also quite a few awards schemes specially for junior archers.

Under Archery GB (AGB) rules. Juniors change age group on the day they achive the minimum age for an age group and are classed as Junior until they are 18 years old. The Archery GB age groups are U18, U16, U14 and U12. You shoot consult the Classification Tables in yout Club's rule book to see what rounds and distances apply to each age group.

In World Archery (WA) a junior archer moves between WA age groups only on Dec 31st and are classed as Cadets up to and in the year of his 17th birthday. After this at certain events archers can shoot as Juniors up to the age of 21 but there are no specific awards.

Scottish Junior Awards

SAA Thistle Badges can be claimed at any SAA 1440 with Thistle Status. Juniors can claim a badge for the appropriate score shot for a Metric or 1440 round as designated for their age group or higher. Junior Thistle Badges have a white crown.

Penicuik Penny Award Badges can be claimed at the June Penicuik WA 1440 Star. Juniors can claim a badge for the appropriate score shot for a Metric or WA 1440 round as designated for their age group or higher.

AGB Junior Awards

Junior MB badgeClassifications of 3rd, 2nd, 1st Class, Junior Bowman and Junior Master Bowman Up to 1st Class these classifications can be gained at Club Target days as well as in competition. For Junior Master Bowman of the four scores required one must have been shot at a UK Record Status (UKRS) or higher status competition and all rounds must be as for Seniors, ie a York or FITA (Gentlemen) for the Junior Boys; and a York, Hereford, Bristol 1, FITA (Gentlemen), FITA(Ladies) or Metric 1 for Junior Girls.

Six Gold End Junior Badge shoot six consecutive arrows into the gold at one end at either of the two longest distances of a FITA/Metric or Imperial round for your age group at a Tournament or Club Target Day, and this badge is yours. You can claim a Six Gold End badge only once as a junior in each discipline you shoot i.e. Recurve, Longbow and Compound.

Junior Rose Awards can be claimed at UKRS York, Hereford and Bristol I-IV tournaments that have been accorded "Rose Award" Status Junior Rose awards can be claimed by shooting the round relevant to your age group. You can only claim a colour once, however missed colours may be claimed when shooting a longer distance round. Claims can be made shooting Recurve, Compound or Longbow.

800 Rose 900 Rose 1000 Rose 1100 Rose 1200 Rose
800 Rose 900 Rose 1000 Rose 1100 Rose 1200 Rose

Arrow Award for Juniors are open to juniors of the Society under 16 years of age and are in the form of Red, Blue and Black badges. Juniors may only claim the award once in each age group, but may shoot for an awards in age groups above, but not below, their own. Archers submitting valid claims for awards higher than their age group may also claim the lower awards down to their age group, providing they have not been claimed previously. Four rounds are required to be shot to make a claim in any calendar year, at least one must be a FITA/Metric round, and at least one must have been shot in an open competition. The elegible rounds and score levels required in each age group are published in the Archery GB Shooting Administrative Procedures.

Black Arrow Award Blue Arrow Award Red Arrow Award
Black Arrow Award Blue Arrow Award Red Arrow Award

Handicap Improvement Medal Juniors can take full part in the AGB Handicap Scheme.

Junior Tassel Award for Clout Shooting and dministered by NCAS. The score bands for awards are the same as for the senior awards. Claims can be made for a score obtained shooting the distance for your own age group or above. Once a ‘higher’ Tassel Award is claimed , i.e. Black, Blue, Red or Gold, a claim for the ‘missing’ Tassel award can only be made when you move up to the next age band.

Six Clout End Junior Badge As for the Six Gold End badge but for a Six Clout End shot at a clout during competition or at a Club Target day under AGB rules.

Flight Classifications There are no separate classifications for Juniors.

World Archery Junior Awards

FITA feather award

The WA Beginner's Award Scheme has been designed to allow beginners in Archery to measure their progress against set standards for Performance, Skill, Knowledge and Know How. The WA Feather Award programme is designed for Juniors beginners up to 12 years of age, and the Fita Arrow award is for everyone else.

Cadet Star Awards are for archers in, the Cadet Class - archers up to and in the year of his 17th birthday - shooting the appropriate Cadet round. The WA Cadet Star badges are the same shape and colours as the adult 1440 Star Awards but have a silver star and silver coloured writing.

cadet target award

Cadet Target Awards are for achievement in shooting the Cadet 60m round for Recurves and the 50m round for Compounds. The Fita Cadet Target badges are the same shape and colours as the WA Target Awards but have silver coloured writing. Badges can be claimed for :-

Target White Black Blue Red Gold Purple
60m Recurve Round 500 550 600 650 675 700
50m Compound Round 500 550 600 650 675 700

Archery GB Junior Schemes & Awards

ABG also run several schemes that are all detailed on their Junior Pages. These include the

July Metrics and the January & November Challenge postal shoots, as well as JAWS The annual AGB Junior Awards Scheme for various achievements. You need to enrol on the scheme with AGB

AGB also run a National AGB Junior Ranking Scheme which operates over the outdoor season,and covers all age groups, and the three main bow-types, Compound, Longbow, and Recurve.

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