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Online Athlete/Coach Support Programme

14 Jan 2024

Bookings are now live for our next series of workshops as part of the Online Athlete/Coach Support Programme - Performance Behaviours in Training.

This is the first of two psychology sessions running this membership year led by Brad Fullarton. This first session focuses on psychology during practice/training.

"Brad is a sport psychology consultant based in North Ayrshire, currently in the final stages of achieving accreditation as a Sport Psychology practitioner. He has provided sport psychology services at a team and individual level with a variety of professional and semi-professional athletes in many different sports. At an individual level he has successfully helped clients manage many performance-based issues such as performance anxiety, emotional control, resilience, transitions, acceptance of mistakes and much more. At a team level, he has contributed to embedding sport psychology into the culture of a national tennis organisation and provided wellbeing support for 2 Scottish Premiership football academies."

For more information or to book a space click here

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