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Round Up: Scottish Tour - Stage 1 - Moray

30 May 2024

By Fiona Hirst

On Saturday 25th May the First Stage of the Scottish Tour was held courtesy of Andrew Kelly and Moray Archery. The sun was out (and so was the wind!) making it quite challenging for all archers. 

The morning saw the qualifying round and archers were then ranked for their head to head matches in the afternoon.  Archers found themselves settling into the Tour, meeting up with fellow archers, friends and enjoying the atmosphere.

As always A huge thank you to the Judges Sharon, George and Mike who did a sterling job. Sharon and George came up from England to lend a hand.

A special mention to the catering team from Moray who provided bacon rolls for breakfast, pancakes for break, burgers for lunch and cakes for the afternoon .

There were some tired but happy faces at the end of the day – next stage Balbardie!

For full results, visit IANSEO.

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