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Final Groups of Coaches complete Session Coach Level 1 Award

3 Apr 2024

Final Groups of Coaches complete Session Coach Level 1 Award

By Iain Wilson & Bill Mackay

Report on Session Coach Presentation Days held at Sight Scotland, Hawkhead Road, Paisley on Saturday 2-Mar-2024  and Sunday 17-Mar-2024, and Sunday 24-Mar-2024 at the Shed, Montrose

Present : Iain Wilson (Assessor), William Mackay (Assessor), Duncan MacEwan (Observer), Rod Smith (Observer)

Presentation Day Dates :

2nd March (West – The Hawkhead Centre, Paisley) – 5 candidates.

17th March (West – The Hawkhead Centre, Paisley) – 6 candidates, including 2 U18 candidates.

24th March (North – The Shed, Montrose) – 7 candidates.

The Lead Assessor for the West Presentation Days was Iain Wilson, and the Lead Assessor for the North Presentation Day was Bill Mackay. Both Assessors were present for each Presentation Day.

The Presentation Days all started at 09:30, with all candidates taking part in the presentations. Each candidate went through their presentations, one after the other, each one concentrating on a different drill and skill.

At the end of each presentation, candidates took part in a reflection session with their peers and the participants in the session. After all the presentations were complete, candidates proceeded to the professional discussions, where Records of Achievement were filled in, and Personal Action Plans were formulated with the candidates.

Ultimately, all of the candidates were successful in their Presentation – well done everyone!

There were, however, one or two candidates who could not be confirmed as having completed the course, because of missing paperwork. When the missing paperwork has been verified, their Records of Achievement will be completed, and their coaching licences issued by Archery GB.

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