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Soft Archery targets

Soft Archery

A great way to introduce people into the sport in a cost effective and can be done virtually anywhere type format.

If you are interested in being a part of the programme please get in touch with our development team.

Soft Archery Bow


Soft Archery leaders Award

Training course that can be used with a wide variety of groups to get them running fun and safe sessions.


school Soft Archery Championships

We run a National event every year for schools to take part in. Long term we are keen explore qualifying events within Local Authorities where lots of schools are engaged with the programme.

Soft Archery Target
SA Awards Launch.jpg


Soft Archery Awards Scheme

Similar to the Scottish Archery Awards Scheme this allows participants to earn stickers as they progress and develop.


Engagement Tool

Soft Archery can be used in many ways to assist with engagement.

Soft Archery Target
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