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Scottish Archery adopts a Changing Lives approach and we are committed to supporting communities across the country.

Contact our Community and Workforce Officer if you are interested in getting involved.

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We have links across 9 Local Authorities currently where there is a strong focus on soft archery. This is used to improve mental and physical health as well as assisting schools with supporting wider societal needs.

Soft Archery target

Soft Archery

A great way to introduce people into the sport in a cost effective and can be done virtually anywhere type format.

If you are interested in being a part of the programme please get in touch with our development team.

Delivery session


We work with a number of charities across the country. Every project is different and the needs of the community come first. To find out more and get involved contact our Community & Workforce Development Officer.


Changing Lives

Sport & physical activity has the power to change lives.  Does your club want to improve the lives of others within your community? We can support you to take a different approach where the needs of the local community come first.

Community session


We have developed great connections and partnerships across the country to allow us to connect well with communities. Get in touch if your club is interested in developing new connections.

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Engaging with the Archery community we believe is the key to providing the membership with the voice and an opportunity to shape the direction of Archery in Scotland

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