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Paris 2024: Do you know an Archery Superhero? Nominate an unsung hero today!

25 Apr 2024

Do you know someone in your archery club whose superpowers extend far beyond the shooting line? Someone whose dedication, resilience, and selflessness make them a true Archery Superhero? It's time to shine a spotlight on these extraordinary individuals through our special competition designed to celebrate the unsung heroes of the archery community.

ArcheryGB are running a competition which seeks to honour people with 'special powers' – those who have triumphed over adversity, lent a helping hand to others, or achieved remarkable personal milestones. This is not your typical recognition awards ceremony; instead, we're delving into the heartwarming human stories that often go unnoticed. Whether they're volunteers, parents, coaches, or club members, if they've made a difference in the archery world, we want to hear about them!

To find out more or to nominate, click here.

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