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Start Archery Week 2024 and Aim for Paris!

8 Apr 2024

Start Archery Week is back for the 13th year!  And with the Paris Games later this year, there is likely to be a great interest in archery this summer to capitalise on wherever possible.

For 2024, every club is invited to plan an event during 4-12 May – why not be part of something bigger, and tap into extra support and resources!  The more clubs that plan events, the more people who see the promotion might be able to make it along to one nearby.

Clubs, please register events through the CMS and please ensure you tick the ‘Public’ event section, so that it is pulled into all the promotion, including Open Data.   The earlier events are registered, the better for promotion and planning.  If you need any support on using the CMS, please view the set up support video here: or drop us a line.

Club Support

To support event organisers, Archery GB is offering one free space per club on a mental health awareness training course.  With the theme for this year’s Start Archery Week being mental health, we wanted to support our incredible volunteers to make our clubs even more welcoming by providing training to help support people with different mental health conditions. 

Why not explore who else you could invite, along the line of all the mental health benefits of archery – maybe local support groups, wellbeing services, or even social prescribers might point people to your event?

Plus, each club event organiser will be sent a code to use, to access £40 worth of promotional or giveaway items on the Start Archery online club shop, if you order by 15 April.  This way, you can choose what items will best suit your event.  You can make some of the items personalised to your club for example adding club details to the postcards, or the feather flags.   Note: Please ensure you tick the ‘free delivery’ option to avoid being charged delivery, and if ordering items personalised, maybe allow a little more time to have them printed up for you.

Start Archery Week Toolkit

Please make sure to make the most of the Toolkit, to make things simpler for your event promotion:

·        Downloadable social media images

·        SA Week Logo

·        Suggested social media captions

·        Two poster designs for you to edit and share as you wish

·        Event preparation checklist, so you don’t forget anything

·        Marketing checklist to help you make the most of your advertising channels

·        Press Release Template and Participant Registration Forms are to come soon!


Keep us informed

Please let me know a little of your plans for your event too – we want to ensure we try to support different types of events particularly those trying something different, and I will also try to visit as many events as possible during the week, so in order to plan our movements, it helps to have events booked in early.


Aim for Paris! (May to September)

Immediately after Start Archery Week, this year we will launch straight into ‘Aim for Paris’: a summer of celebratory events leading up to the 2024 Games.


  • Search results for archery in the UK increase by around 75% in a Games year

  • Media exposure for British archery increases by 90% during the Games

  • Searches for ‘archery near me’, ‘try archery’ and ‘start archery’ increase by 75% during the Games

There is a list of suggestions for incorporating Olympic and Paralympic themes into events, in the Start Archery Week Toolkit.

Please continue to register Aim for Paris events on the CMS, and there will also be support from Archery GB to all Aim for Paris event organisers, to help your events go with a bang!  More details on online shop codes to come soon.

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