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Women & Girls in Sport Month: Moira Taylor

14 Mar 2024

As part of Women and Girls in Sport Month, we asked our archery community to share their stories with us


First up is Moira Taylor who shares her story – thanks Moira for this!


''From the moment I picked up my first bow some 50 years ago I was hooked on Archery. I had found a sport that was fun, challenging and made me want to improve.


Our club had only started doing archery the year before I joined so we were all learning as we went along. Now some 50 years later I have a lot more knowledge and experience and I'm still learning.


Archery has offered me such opportunities that I will always be grateful for - I have made great friends and competed around the world for my country. I love that it is so inclusive and can give opportunities to others irrespective of their age, abilities or limitations.


Archery can be competitive or simply a social pastime - either way it helps you grow. I now give back to my sport through getting involved as a Coach and  volunteer - this is very important to me to support the sport that I love.


What does Archery mean to me? - Everything!''


We would love to hear stories of how you got involved in Archery, and why you love the sport to help us celebrate Women and Girls in Sport month. If anyone in Archery inspires you, you can also tell us a story about the person who inspires you.


Tell us your story, click here

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