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Women & Girls in Sport Month: Sandie Graham

22 Mar 2024

As part of Women and Girls in Sport Month, we asked our archery community to share their stories with us.

Today Sandie shares her story of why she loves archery and the positive impact it has had on her. What an inspiring story – thanks Sandie!

''Why I love archery.  I have been involved in archery for over 4 decades and wow what an experience it has been.  I met my husband, Andrew Graham through archery - who would have thought a muddy field in Coatbridge was such a romantic place.  I started competing as a recurve archer in the early 1980s, and I absolutely love the atmosphere. It is really exciting turning up to a competition and testing out what I have been working on. 

As an unpaid carer for disabled relatives archery has provided respite.  It gives me a chance to get away from the house and have some ‘me time’.  When I’m shooting it’s just me and the process of shooting, there is no room for stress or anxiety because I’m so focused. 

Caring can cause social isolation, when I became a carer it was very difficult meet up with others and many friendships were lost.  Archery allowed me to have a sense of belonging.  I can meet up with my fellow archers and have a good natter.  I have learned so much just by chatting and many friendships have been formed. 

This is one of the reasons I love coaching.  It allows me to connect with others.  The coach-athlete relationship is very special, working together to develop skills.  I love learning new things and there is always something new to learn in coaching.  Coaching is always evolving, how we coached 10 years ago is very different to how we coach today.  Today we have a holistic approach to coaching rather than just working on the technical aspects of archery.  Being a female coach gives me an insight into female issues such as being a mother, caring responsibilities, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. 

I am looking forward to continuing my archery journey, challenging myself to step out my comfort zone and meeting others along the way.''

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