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Women & Girls in Sport Month: Victoria Otterson

27 Mar 2024

As part of Women and Girls in Sport Month, we asked our archery community to share their stories with us.

This week we have Victoria Otterson share her story and she gives some great advice – thanks Victoria!

''I started archery at the age of 12 and have since met lots of people throughout the sport including some very inspirational women. I love shooting and competing and have met people from all over the UK that I would never have met if I hadn't picked up my first bow!

It is not just a very social sport but is also an incredibly inclusive sport where anyone from any background can have a go! So I would encourage anyone to have a shot at the sport and even try a competition or two.

Getting to work with and see so many amazing young archers progress through the sport is also fantastic. I hope everyone has a great outdoor season and that we get some nice sunny weather for it too!''

We would love to hear stories of how you got involved in Archery, and why you love the sport to help us celebrate Women and Girls in Sport month. If anyone in Archery inspires you, you can also tell us a story about the person who inspires you.


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