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Entries Live: Scottish National Tour Stage 1

21 Apr 2024

Entries are now live for the Scottish National Tour Stage 1 which will be hosted by Moray Archery on 25th and 26th May 2024.

The Scottish tour is the perfect event for archers aiming to further their competition skills and shoot alongside the best athletes in the country.

All stages will be a single world record status WA 70/50 round, followed by head-to-head eliminations.

Individuals' highest top two Tour stage results are added together, and then the archers are ranked in their categories.

The top 4 ranked Tour archers within the Recurve Men (RM), Recurve Women (RW), Compound Men (CM) and Compound Women (CW), and Barebow Men (BM) and Barebow Women (BW) divisions will be invited to the Scottish Tour Final.

Any declined places will be offered to the person next in the ranking list.

Should more than one athlete be in 4th place, the highest score for a ranking round will break the tie (should this be tied, the next score will be used). This information will be shown in the Final Rankings for the Scottish tour, used to perform the invite.

From receipt of invitation, an athlete will have 7 days to accept their place at the finals.

For more information or to enter, click here.

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