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ArcheryGB Junior Rankings still open!

23 Oct 2023

Where will you be ranked in the country? The submissions for the ArcheryGB junior national rankings will be open until 31st October, so get your scores in!

The junior rankings are your chance to submit your best scores see your name in lights on Archery GB’s website. Entering the rankings is a great way to track your progress in the sport and see how you compare to other archers of your age and gender shooting the same round and using the same bow type as you.

The junior rankings list for 2023 will be based on outdoor scores shot up to 2nd October 2023. All scores must be shot at a record status event.

To enter use you must complete the Junior Rankings Submission Form 2023 which you access here. Submission of the form must be done by 31st October 2023. The form is submitted online, and we will no longer be accepted written submissions through the post or email.

If you wish to be considered with more than one bow type, please make separate submissions for each.

The lists will be published as soon as possible on our website after all submissions have been viewed. Lists will be published based on the current bow groups / gender / age groups. Archers will be listed in the age groups appropriate to them (WA and AGB) as at the closing date. Longbow, compound, barebow and recurve archers can all take part.  

Any questions or problems regarding rankings please email:

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