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Board Update

13 Oct 2023

Scottish Archery can confirm that Ross Morrison and Rikki Bingham have decided to step down from the Board. Rikki has experienced an increase in her work commitments in the lead up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which means she can no longer devote the time required to be part of the Scottish Archery Board. Ross has resigned due to committing hours over and above the call of duty to support with ongoing events within the sport. These events have taken up a significant and unsustainable number of hours. Please be assured we are working hard to put measures in place to reduce the time required on certain elements of the role. 


Both Ross and Rikki have shown an undoubted commitment to developing archery in Scotland and to ensuring it is an enjoyable and accessible sport for everyone who wants to take part. Scottish Archery would like to thank them for their hard work in recent years and fully understand their reasons for leaving at this time.  


In other board news Jules May has made the decision not to rejoin Archery GB and Scottish Archery as a member. As Jules was elected as a Member Director his term on the board stops when he is no longer a member. Jules wishes to remain as a Director on the board and so will be removed from Companies House and co-opted back onto the board again as an independent director to be ratified by members at a later date. 


Company Secretary Michael Mather has also retired from his position after dedicating many years of volunteering to develop archery across Scotland. We would like to extend a huge gratitude to Michael for his commitment and hard work over the years. 


Despite all of these changes, please be assured that we are committed to making archery in Scotland a welcoming place for all, where everyone can reach their potential, and that will remain a top priority over the coming weeks and months.  


As part of this, we will continue to work to address the challenges facing our sport and are currently reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we deliver the highest quality opportunities and standards for our members.  


At this point it’s important to note that we urgently require member Directors to join the board. It’s vital to have knowledgeable member Directors who are passionate about our sport to help us to develop opportunities and continually improve what we do. Further details on board recruitment will be provided in the coming weeks, but if you would like an informal chat about joining the board please contact Lyndsay Noon, We really need your support. 

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