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Building Archery Communities - Robert's Report (January 2024)

31 Jan 2024

Scottish Archery has been working in collaboration with South Lanarkshire Active Schools to promote Scottish Archery. This month has saw Robert Clark, Community Workforce Officer at Scottish Archery deliver soft archery to over 40 students as part of their Young Leaders Programme.

The purpose of the initiative is to train the leaders in soft archery to allow them to delivery this sport in their local primary schools and community. The leaders learned a new skill and developed their confidence in delivering soft archery.

Carina Sheldon Active School Coordinator said: “Senior pupils in the Cambuslang and Rutherglen areas have been very lucky to receive Soft Archery leadership sessions with Robert from Scottish Archery. They loved these sessions and were very engaged in all of the fun games and activities they were taught. 

“As a result some of these pupils will progress and achieve their Leadership qualification in Soft Archery and will be delivering is regularly in local school. We have also purchased kit so that pupils can continue to participate and can also teach the younger pupils in the high schools and local primary schools. We love that this is a sport for everyone that is competitive, engaging and is fun for all!”

Robert Clark, Community Workforce Officer at Scottish Archery said: “We have developed a great framework with working with the council and local communities in South Lanarkshire.  The next step would be taking this framework and highlight our success with South Lanarkshire to other local council and community groups across Scotland.”

We are currently planning a Soft Archery National Championships which involves primary schools across Scotland and are looking forward to working with the schools and authorities across Scotland. Over the next month Robert will be working in Glasgow, Greenock and Falkirk. For more information on our community involvement please email


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