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Club Spotlight: Links Archers

28 Sept 2023

School-Club Links key part to success of club’s growth and development

We recently spoke to Ken Rae of Links Archers who gave us an insight into the history, successes, challenges of the club and projects that the club have delivered and have in the pipeline.  Check out our Q&A with Ken below:

1.       Please can you give us a brief background on the club?

‘‘Links Archers in part of the SAA North Area  and are based in Montrose Angus.  The club was established in 1985 caters for all levels of archers from 10 years old and above.  Currently our membership is 45+ and we have a dedicated team of 4 coaches and 10 volunteers.  Our club has various bow types from Olympic recurve, barebow, , compound, flatbow, English longbow, field recurve etc.  Anything really, apart from crossbow.’’

2.       Where did the idea of the club originally come about?

‘‘The club was established in 1985 by Eileen Brymer and June and Roy Snowdon.  Eileen Brymer and June Snowdon both worked at Montrose Sports centre.  Roy Snowdon was chief engineer at Chivers. Equipment was sourced from Montrose Academy.’’

3.       What is your club's overall aim and objectives?

‘‘The organisation’s purposes are to advance the participation in the sport of Archery by providing access to facilities by the local community by:

·        Providing ‘Come and Try’ (Tasters) To individuals and local organisations

·        Providing a 6 session beginners course for those interested in trying the sport of archery

·        Providing relevant coaching and training for individuals with an interest in Archery, for general improvement and for competition.

·        Fostering an interest and participation in Archery among younger people;

·        Fostering an interest and participation in Archery among people with disabilities;

·        Encouraging general awareness of archery in Angus and throughout Scotland.’’


4.       Can you talk us through your club development journey?

‘‘One of the main aims of the club is to find a permanent home of our own, for a range and a club house.  At the moment we shoot at Montrose Sports Centre during the winter months. In the summer the club shoots at a range beside Craigo Mill.  The owners of a stable have kindly allowed us to shoot there for 5+ years for the upkeep of the field. We also have an indoor range at Hillside, a disused bond building, which Boortmalt have let us shoot at for the last 30 odd years, or so.  All in all the club is very lucky to have all these facilities to help us promote archery in the area, and in Scotland.  This has helped us to train and practise archers for the Olympics, the Commonwealth games amongst many others’’

5.       Have you worked with any particular people/partners?

‘‘Links Archers have and do help to run school training clubs at Mearns Academy, Lathallan School and Montrose Academy.  We also fundraise by running come and try events, with other local clubs, at various locations throughout the region.’’


6.       What do you think makes the club unique?

‘‘Links Archers is one of the leading archery clubs in Scotland with a long history of producing top level archers competing for Scotland and GB. We are affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society (Archery GB), who provides our insurance cover. The club has both adult and junior sections and is very family friendly.’’


7.       Do you have any projects you are working on as a club?

‘‘The club, at present, is building up equipment and expertise to run coaching and come and try events, with the aim of promoting a healthy and thriving interest in archery throughout Scotland’’


8.       Are there any particular challenges the club face?

‘‘One of our main challenges is to maintain and promote interest in archery around our area, and this we seem to be achieving with great success. As I've pointed out we are trying to find a permanent club range and club house. We would like this to be as close to Montrose as possible to allow our younger members to either walk or cycle to shoot.’’

9.       What future goals do you have as a club?

‘‘A couple of years ago Links Archers became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). As a club we will try to build on our past successes and try to work closely with our neighbouring clubs to foster and promote archery in and around our local area as well as further afield’’

Thanks to Ken for sharing this information about Links Archers.  Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to seeing the club continue to progress in the future.

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