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Hot Topics: Clubs - Exploring Your Why

17 Jul 2024

In collaboration, Scottish Fencing & Scottish Archery on the back of the joint conference ran in April, are running an online session to Explore Your Why.

You may have heard the phrase Changing Lives in the context of sport, simply this is an approach to intentionally use sport as to help people and communities. You can read more here about the Changing Lives approach.

But it all starts with Why…

  • Why are you involved in your sport?

  • Why do put time in to organising and running your clubs sessions?

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • What is your clubs why? Is it the same as your why?

In this session, we will facilitate a discussion with attendees on Exploring Your Why. For some of you who attended the conference, you may have already got some insight into this, but you will find this useful for connecting and sharing.

We plan this as a first in a series of “hot topic” sessions on the Changing Lives approach over 2024 and we would love you to be part of this journey. We may all be at different stages in our journey – but that is ok as we want to provide the opportunity for people to network, share, inspire and learn from one another across sports that can continue the great work being done at our clubs volunteers and coaches during sessions day in day out!

“When we know WHY we do what we do, everything falls into place. When we don’t, we have to push things into place.” – Simon Sinek

To book your place, click here.

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