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IANSEO Training Course

5 Feb 2024

This FREE training course will be run over three evenings (7-9pm), please attend all three:

•                     26 March

•                     27 March

•                     28 March

Used by World Archery, clubs or TOs can plan to use Ianseo as a comprehensive management of archery competition results: from accreditation of the athletes and officers to every kind of printouts utilities, from network and online integration to FOP design.

Archery GB uses Ianseo for its national competitions results and encourages clubs and Tournament Organisers to do the same. The training will cover:

·        Setting up Ianseo (delegates use own computer that they would use at competitions)

·        Setting up WA18/1440 competitions

·        Running more complex events (e.g. Head to Heads)

·        Working with the Judging team at a competition

·        Post-Shoot activities – such as filing of results & web publishing

Delivered by Rob Potts.

If you have specific questions on using the software, please email in advance to

You will need to have IANSEO open and be able to use it whilst attending the evening sessions (eg on a separate screen is ideal).  Details of how to do this can be shared with you in advance, after you sign up to attend.

Sign up here:

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