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New: Club Development Webinars and Hot Topics Session

11 Jul 2024

At Scottish Archery we are keen to support the archery community including volunteers, coaches and officials with training and learning opportunities to develop confidence and competence in a variety of areas including safeguarding, disability inclusion, coach education and club development. 

Further to this through our engagement opportunities we hope that this provides members with a voice to influence the direction and support the development archery in Scotland.

Part of this, we are organising a series of Club Development Webinars. The aim of these is to provide clubs with support on areas of development which include funding, volunteers, planning, JustGo and sustainability.  These webinars are ideal for club committee members and volunteers who have an interest in developing various aspects of their club. 

Thanks to the clubs who completed the Club Engagement Survey previously as this has helped shape and design the programme as well as feedback on priority areas we have received from clubs at various events.

In collaboration, Scottish Fencing & Scottish Archery on the back of the joint conference ran in April and complementing these webinars is our new Hot Topics Session which we are piloting an initial session.  You may have heard the phrase Changing Lives in the context of sport, simply this is an approach to intentionally use sport as to help people and communities. This is the approach that will be explored through the Hot Topics series.   You can find out more about Changing Lives approach here.

Please see below for further information on webinars (on mobile please use scrollbar at bottom of table to navigate between different columns of table):



Course/Workshop /Event




 Hot Topics: Clubs - Exploring Your Why



Club Development Webinar - Workshop 1: Club Development Planning



Club Development Webinar - Workshop 2: Using JustGo as a Club Administrator



Club Development Webinar - Workshop 3: Volunteer Management - Recruiting Volunteers



Club Development Webinar - Workshop 4: Volunteer Management - Supporting & Developing Volunteers

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