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Policy Consultation

11 Oct 2023

Policy Consultation Explained 

As detailed in the Articles of Association Scottish Archery is required to consult on any changes to policies, as detailed below. 

  1. 11.1 All Rules, which are set forth in separate documentation to these Articles, shall not form part of these Articles and (subject to articles 8.1 and 12.1) may, from time to time, be amended, altered or repealed by the Board following due consultation with the membership.  

  2. 14.4 Any changes or amendments to the Rules (which shall include Bye Laws, Disciplinary Policies and Procedural Policies) where such changes and amendments relate to the membership rights of the Members or the subscription fees payable by the Members shall be ratified by ordinary resolution of the Voting Members at the next General Meeting before taking effect. 

The first point relates to rules that are administrative only and do not affect members rights. The second denotes the need for any amendments that do affect member rights to be ratified at an AGM. 

For clarity, Sportscotland’s legal advisors Harper MacLeod have defined the difference between an administrative change and a change affecting the rights of members. 

Administrative changes focus on procedural improvements and operational adjustments to a policy. These alterations do not alter fundamental principles or members rights, but focus on streamlining processes, clarifying language, or improving efficiency. Administrative changes are often enacted to ensure a policy remains up-to-date with best practice. 

Changes affecting members rights are more fundamental and involve substantial modifications to the content which have a direct impact on the privileges, obligation, or entitlements of members. These changes could expand, restrict, or redefine the rights and responsibilities of members. Such changes are uncommon within the scope of member organisations such as sporting governing bodies or sports clubs. 

However, as well as the regulatory requirement there is also the recognition that a consultation provides another opportunity for engagement and input from members.  

The consultation for administrative changes could be done in several different ways and may be a method that will change over time. The purpose of this is to give members the opportunity to feedback and for Scottish Archery to be completely transparent in the processes used to adapt and amend policies. The standard requirement is to review policies roughly every 3 years.

The reasons for this are below: 

To comply with new laws and regulations. 

To address new systems or technology changes. 

To improve practices if a policy has proven to be inadequate or unsuitable.  

The method we will use to consult on amendments to policies is that reviewed policies will be available for 5 working days on our policies webpage. These can be found here: POLICIES AND PROCEDURES | Scottish Archery For members who wish to submit comments, please complete the survey monkey form to allow comments to be gathered in the most efficient way. Please complete a separate form for each policy you wish to feedback on.

As with all consultations all comments will be considered, but may not necessarily be used to make further amendments. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Lyndsay Noon, CEO. 

Lyndsay Noon 

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