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Round Up: WoSAA JAS Stage 3 and Outdoor Open Championships

4 Jun 2024

For the first time ever the Junior Archery Series The North hosted by the West of Scotland Archery Association was held in Scotland at the Riverside Sports Arena in Ayr. This was Stage 3 of the Junior Series; the aim of the series is to give the juniors a platform like the senior National Tour Events where a qualification round is shot in the morning and Head to Heads are shot in the afternoon.

With a total of 63 junior archers competing including the Scottish U21 Team and representatives of the GBR Team present along with club archers from across the UK shooting Recurve or Compound bow styles. Shay Boyd from Largs Juniors commented that “ it was good to have a national competition so close to home' also mirrored by Joshua Phillips comments “less travelling, makes Scotland feel inclusive”. Archie Bromley who shot a UK and European record on the Sunday at the WA900 (subject to ratification) stated that it was ‘‘Fabulous weather, great people’'

Full results can be found here

Craig Paterson T.O. WoSAA “This was an excellent opportunity for archers from all over the country to experience the new sports facility at the Riverside Sports Arena. The West of Scotland Archery Association has worked with South Ayrshire Council and The Royal Company of Archers to host a Junior Archery Series event for the first time ever in Scotland. I hope that all the junior archers enjoyed themselves and I would like to thank the volunteers that helped run the event.”

The West of Scotland Archery Association (WoSAA) had the pleasure of hiring the Riverside Sports Arena in Ayr, it was a fantastic experience. The facility itself is superb, boasting modern amenities and well-maintained spaces that cater to a variety of sports and activities.

What truly sets this venue apart, however, is the staff. The professionalism and friendliness of the team were evident from the moment we walked in. They were incredibly helpful, going above and beyond to ensure that all our needs were met and that archers had a positive experience.

Whether you're looking to engage in some serious training or run World Record status events, Riverside Sports Arena has everything you need. It was a pleasure to work with dedicated staff who knew how best to use the sports facility to its greatest potential. WoSAA would highly recommend Riverside to anyone in the area looking for a high-quality sports facility with outstanding service.

Well done to the West of Scotland Area Association!

Can view photos from the event here. (Photo Credits: Scott Kendal)

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