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Scottish Government Consultation on Disclosure Scotland Fees

11 May 2024

Scottish Archery recently updated members that The Scottish Government are consulting on fee discounts for certain groups applying for a PVG scheme membership.  

One of the areas that they are consulting on is to remove FREE PVG checks for volunteers, with instead a 60% reduction of the full fee for a volunteer.   For example, a £70 PVG scheme join fee would be £28.   It should be noted however, that the £70 fee has not yet been finalised so £28 may be more, or less.

Scottish Archery are concerned about the impact that the removal of free PVGs will have not only within in our sport, but across the whole sporting landscape in Scotland and indeed the wider voluntary sector.    As previously noted from April 2025 PVG Scheme membership for those in regulatory roles will be mandatory.  Not only do we have a concern on the financial implications, but that clubs may be reluctant do PVG checks which may result in increased risks within sport and the voluntary sector in general.

As this is something which affects all our members and Clubs we are highlighting this consultation and would ask that you consider responding.  The consultation closes on 28 May.

Disclosure Scotland fees: discounting, waivers and accredited bodies consultation - Scottish Government consultations - Citizen Space

Scottish Archery will also be responding to the consultation directly.

If you would like to discuss this further please let us know by contacting Jacqui Dunlop

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