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Sign Up: Level 2 Development Coach Course

4 Jul 2024

Bookings for the ArcheryGB Level 2 Development Coach Course online workshops are now online and available to book. 

If you’ve already qualified as a Level 1 or Session Coach and are enjoying designing and delivering beginners courses, you might be ready to take the next step and level up your coaching. The Archery GB Development Coach (Level 2) course gives you the skills you need.

You’ll learn how to develop new archers through designing and delivering learning to help people continue their archery journey beyond their initial beginner’s experience. Lack of support following a beginner’s course is one of the biggest reasons people leave a new sport. With your help you can encourage people to grow their skills and stay part of the archery community.

The course is structured into module titles which you can learn at your own pace to suit your lifestyle.

Course codes and registration links are:

1.            Role of the Development Coach – 24-DC-06 –

2.            Developing the Archer in Front of You – 24-DA-06 -

3.            Empowering Archery (Part 1) – 24-EA-30 –

4.            Empowering Archery (Part 2) – 24-EA-31 –

If you have further questions please just get in touch with

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