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Happy Volunteers' Week 2024

3 Jun 2024

By Lyndsay Noon

We are so grateful for all our volunteers all year round, but Volunteer Week gives us an opportunity to be more focused with our appreciation and to recognise the hundreds of volunteers dedicating their time to support archery across Scotland.

Our volunteers provide their knowledge, expertise and time without any expectations of reward. Such is their dedication that they go over and above the call of duty on many occasions. For example, spending the day setting up a competition, working all day the following day at the competition and then working a nightshift at their day (or night) job – isn’t’ that right Alastair Shields? This is just one example of the commitment of our archery volunteers in Scotland.

Volunteers give up their time to support archery in various roles in clubs as committee members and coaches, to cake bakers and burger flippers at competitions and social events. It only feels right here to mention Andrew Kelly of Moray Archers empire biscuits (or Mrs Kelly the baker) – well worth the trip North to sample the delights. Our judges and field captains are all volunteers and make sure the competitive environment is well organised and well fuelled with gummy bears thanks to our very own Judge Liaison Officer Frank, who gives his time tirelessly to help others.

As well as the hundreds of volunteers working in clubs, we also have almost 40 volunteers working across our area groups, subgroups, U21 management team and Board of Directors. This is a phenomenal amount of people supporting our sport to make it a positive, safe and fun place for participants and to make sure archery activity can take place. We asked our Membership Engagement subgroup why they volunteer and the answer was simple - to give back to archery as it has given so much to them. For those not able to shoot it gives an opportunity to stay involved in the community and to help others improve. The archery community is a fantastic one and our volunteers really are the golden nuggets of our sport.

On behalf of Scottish Archery we would like to thank each and every one of you for giving your time, energy and expertise to our sport. You are wonderful.

We are currently recruiting for our Records subgroup. If you would like to apply to join the group please fill in the form here.

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